Established in CHIJMES since 2013, Paprika & Cumin Pte Ltd has watched its space grow beyond what was first envisaged to appeal to a variety of target audience and with the tremendous growth achieved, we have thus rebranded into PEMENCO: the expression of “Where People Meets Good Company” as the inspiration behind this original brand name in 2021.

With an exquisite location, PEMENCO is definitely your go-to Supper Club in the heart of Singapore that provides you our curated Gourmet that lines your stomach with artisanal food, in companion with our bespoke Cocktail menu skilfully concocted by our in-house Mixologist, topping up with soul-captivating music and professional service with love from our team from Sunset to the next Sunrise.

In PEMENCO, we are proud to share that our Vision is to globalize PEMENCO – have one PEMENCO in every country that we set foot on. Building on top of that, our Mission is to give back to our comrades in Hospitality and be able to come in and help the less fortunate returning to the society in exercising Corporate Social Responsibility and not forgetting to play our part in saving the Earth to lower Carbon Foot Print.

We strive by our motto: “Come as Guest, Leave as Friends and Return as Family”.